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Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop



MEMBERSHIP IN NEW YORK: Our member schools in New York State will never feel alone because they know we're in their corner.  As a team of charter school consultants with unbeatable expertise, we are always there to provide advice, encouragement, and connections with the broader charter community. In fact, we drop whatever we're doing when schools need us! We offer a unique combination of technical assistance featuring direct access to our leaders for support, encouragement, strategy development and coaching, along with regular updates. We follow the authorizers' actions and trends as well as political media and legislative actions, and keep our schools in the know. Members also benefit from social media and traditional media support as well as numerous webinars throughout the year from experts addressing hot topics.  Our team is always listening to what our members want, and adapt to our schools' unique needs!


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND WRITING: Our team of charter school consultants works side-by-side with founding team members to create a strong application. Whether you are an independent group pursing your first school or a small CMO, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve success. 

NEEDS ASSESSMENTS: It is important to review performance and identify areas for growth and improvement. This exercise is as applicable to applicants who have been rejected as it is for mature and successful schools. We are thought partners in this work as charter school consultants, with a track record of success identifying needs and helping to craft action plans.

BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT: Schools looking to replicate - and small CMOs - often benefit from the planning and organization provided through the process of establishing a business plan. It is always worthwhile to spend some time planning, and many authorizers will require it!

SITE VISITS: Together with our partners, we provide comprehensive school site visit evaluations. These can be focused on operations, instruction, school culture, or another topic tailored to your needs. Whether it is in preparation for renewal or year one, it is critical to take a good look at what's  happening on the ground.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: As a certified strategic facilitator, ECC co-founder and expert charter consultant Jill Shahen has helped many schools through the process of short- or long-term strategic planning. Our approach is unique because it is explicitly aligned to performance frameworks and accountability standards - a simple but powerful concept that non-charter facilitators often overlook.

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: So many wonderful schools struggle when it comes to effectively communicating with families or recruiting and establishing a reputation in the broader community. Our team and our experts and partners have you covered if this is an area where you need to improve.

DATA: Our data expert, Wendy Diamante, provides direct support to schools who need intensive assistance with data management and analysis. 

RENEWAL APPLICATIONS: Let us help take some of the burden off of staff and board of trustee members as renewal approaches. Our team is experienced at writing renewals and helping to establish a firm and realistic renewal strategy. This service includes coaching for board members, staff, and leadership along the way. 

LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE COACHING: Our leadership coaching services are tailored to the exact needs of each school, and focus on the basic principles of chartering, understanding accountability frameworks and metrics from either an executive or governance standpoint, and how to ensure the school is looking at data and evidence in an effective manner. This service is especially beneficial to those joining a school or board of trustees  who may not already have  charter school experience. 

COMMUNICATIONS: Charter schools need to tell their story and Jess Mokhiber can help you do it. There is no shortage of critics trying to define chartering and we will take back the narrative. Jessica, a former news reporter, can contract with you to manage your social media, take photo and video, and help you with press work, whether it’s press release writing /media relations work or drafting and placing op-eds and letters to the editor. Additionally, crisis communications is something we hope you never need, but call if disaster strikes and she can help do damage control.

PRE-OPENING SUPPORT: What happens after approval but before opening is critical to the school's long-term success. Our team provides guidance and advice to help leaders and boards accomplish key tasks and ensure a smooth year one.

SUPPORT FOR AUTHORIZERS: Our team of charter school consultants is available to help authorizers around the country review new applications, renewal applications, and conduct site visits. If you need some help look no further - our experienced team has you covered.

Need something else that's not listed? Get in touch with us! We are truly experienced charter school consultants  with an extensive network - both in New York State and nationally - and a mission-driven approach to this work. If we can't provide a package to meet your needs we probably know someone else who can! Contact us today at jill@empirecharterconsultants.com or give us a call at (518) 944-8930. Let's chat about how we can work  together to meet your school's needs.