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Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

About Us

Who We Are


Charter school consultants Jill Shahen, Andrea Rogers Barry, and Jessica Mokhiber founded Empire Charter Consultants (ECC) with a clear mission: to provide candid guidance and expert technical support services to charter schools, charter support organizations, and authorizers seeking to make positive strategic changes. Since their founding, charter experts Wendy Diamante and Dr. Natasha Howard have joined the team, making ECC five women strong -- all of whom care deeply about the charter school movement and the children and families it serves.

The goal is to provide you with the right tools for charter schools to thrive and grow. Through ECC's team of veteran charter school consultants,  you will continue to have direct contact and services provided by people you know and trust.

We have been on the front-lines of charter school association work for years. During that time, each of us developed a deep commitment and passion for assisting others. Combined, our founding team has navigated nearly 40 years of experience in the charter school movement. As charter school consultants, we have  worked in multiple cities and states across the nation, and we aren’t ready to quit anytime soon! 

Why We Do This Work


Our team of charter school consultants has  unique skills within the charter school movement – and an unshakeable desire to spend our days helping charter schools accomplish meaningful and positive changes. This realization led us to launch an effort devoted to providing honest, direct advice and support to the charter community without the fluff or spin. 

Launching in the summer of 2018, we now work every day directly with charter schools, charter school associations, charter support organizations, and authorizers, and we couldn’t be happier.

We are mission-aligned to the goals of the charter school movement. We are a team of true experts -  charter school consultants able to help with a wide range of needs.  Our core organizing principle is a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. 

Let’s work together to foster and grow a high-quality charter school movement!

What We Offer


  • Support new school development – from needs assessment and work plan development to application writing.
  • Targeted support packages for charter schools at every stage of their life cycle, including writing renewal applications.
  • On-going board coaching and experienced strategic planning from charter school consultants who have been doing this work for years.
  • Social media management, photography, and videography. We will customize our offerings to best fit your needs.
  • Short or long-term project work for charter support organizations and charter management organizations for tasks large and small.
  • Assist charter authorizers, notably with new school development support services, including application reviews, capacity interviews, and data analysis.