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Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop Charter school educational consultants - your school's one-stop-shop

Empire Charter Consultants

Charter school consultants - your one-stop-shop for all your charter school needs


  • Support new school development – from needs assessment and work plan development to application writing.
  • As charter school consultants, we offer support packages for charter schools at every stage of their life cycle, including writing renewal applications.
  • On-going board coaching and experienced strategic planning from veteran charter school consultants.
  • Social media management, photography, and videography. We will customize our offerings to best fit your needs.
  • Short or long-term project work for charter support organizations and charter management organizations for tasks large and small. 
  • Assist charter authorizers, notably with new school development support services, including application reviews, capacity interviews, and data analysis. 
  • Something else you're looking for that we haven't listed? Our team of charter school consultants can work on projects as needed, so let us know what you need help with, and we can find the person who best meets your school's needs!



To book a complimentary one hour consultation call with us, email team@empirecharterconsultants.com to schedule! 

what PEOPLE are saying about ecc's team

Michael Thomas Duffy, Great Oaks Charter Schools


"Simply put, Jill and Andrea were worth every penny that we spent on their services. The process of charter renewal is nerve-wracking given the stakes for our teachers, families and students. There is no one that I trusted more to guide us through the thicket of expectations than these two skilled and experienced professionals."

Kevin Brennan, Bronx Charter School for Better Learning


“As the political sands continue to shift both in Albany and Manhattan, it is difficult to remain current with issues that impact on charter schools.  As a community based charter school, the Bronx Charter School for Better Learning (BBL) has found that Empire Charter Consultants serves as a very effective guide to navigating emerging political issues.   Our association with Empire Charter Consultants has aided BBL to better manage both political and budgetary issues.  Their insights and experience are valued assets which have regularly aided BBL.”

Dr. Ed Yansen, University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men


"ECC is a great team. They are very responsive, knowledgable and accessible. They keep us updated on all information that affects charter schools . They provide valuable guidance and advice when we need support."

John Sheffield, Charter School of Inquiry


"The Charter School of Inquiry is grateful for all of the support that Empire Charter Consultants provided us this year. As we prepare for the renewal of our charter, we feel very secure knowing that we have a competent, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional team as our partner."

Tolga Hayali, Superintendent, Syracuse Academies of New York


"Empire Charter Consultants' expertise, dedication and passion is truly amazing. Working with them has resulted in proven benefits to Science Academies of New York in all aspects!" 

Roberto Gutiérrez, Michael Regnier, LEEP Dual Language Academy


"Empire Charter Consultants' expertise  made all the difference as our applicant group went through the authorizing process. The ECC team provided clear guidance, direct feedback, and customized support, above and beyond anything else available. Amazing!"

Debra Stern, Amani Public Charter School


"Navigating the choppy waters of the charter school world can be quite daunting.  As an independent charter school operator, I often feel adrift in these choppy waters without navigation or oars.  The folks at  Empire Charter Consultants provide even-keeled advice and support to our organization. Empire Charter Consultants are so knowledgable and experienced that they are an invaluable resource on all areas of Charter operations.  I would highly recommend that you do not put your oar in the water without the support of the Empire Charter Consultants."

Matt Salvatierra, Brilla Public Charter Schools


"When we started with Empire, I was a bit skeptical about the value-add to our work.  But all it took were 1-2 crisis moments that needed quick solutions for me to get it.  Jill and her team are incredibly responsive and have helped us navigate multiple challenging situations.  They bring with them a breadth of knowledge in the charter sector, a long list of influential contacts, and a practical understanding of on-the-ground needs of charter operators.  We will definitely continue our membership with them in the coming year."

Vasthi Acosta, Amber Charter Schools


"We are so grateful to be affiliated with Empire Charter Consultants because they support the work we do to build life-long learners. They help us prepare  our board for interviews and visits, they are a sounding board and problem-solver when difficult issues arise, and they keep us informed of the political climate in Albany. They are a true partner in our work at Amber Charter Schools."

Marie Cianca, University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men


“Empire Charter Consultants is an organization that provides a safe harbor for charter schools and charter leaders whenever it is needed.   They are knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive.   In times of stress and complexities, they even offer a sense of humor and cheer that helps to calm the waters and move forward.  On an ongoing basis, ECC offers the latest information on legislative developments and charter school news around New York State.   We are fortunate to have such an invaluable resource!”

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